Project:NOW – Taking Urgent Action to Educate Our Youth

Every day that a child goes without proper education or mentorship, and in some cases, without even the ability to read, he or she falls dangerously behind in life. This contributes to the growing inequality that threatens to make America weaker in the global arena.

In 2014, the Always In The Club Foundation in partnership with the U.S. Dream Academy, the Arthur Wylie FoundationCherokee Gives Back, the PVBLIC Foundation, and actor/Producer Dale Godboldo, committed at Clinton Global Initiative to launch Project NOW, an initiative that will provide innovative literacy intervention programming and entrepreneurship training to youth in underserved communities in America.

The partners have had an immense impact on addressing the needs of the most at-risk youth through targeted interventions. Moving forward, the partners aim to accelerate their efforts to serve more youth and position them for future success. The initiative will be launched in 12 cities across the US with youth ages 8 to 17 over a two year period, and will include the following programs:

Rapid Response Reading Intervention Program™ (RRRI) - U.S. Dream Academy’s research-based literacy intervention program that accelerates reading levels of 3rd through 5th grade students who are reading 1 to 3 grade levels behind, and Dr. Alfred Tatum as the creator of the multidimensional reading strategies used in RRRITargeting students most at risk of future school failure, the 12-week program re-imagines the old, standard way of teaching, and is designed to be a rapid response to these struggling readers’ needs. This innovative strategy includes all of the key elements in a 1-hour, fast paced session, using grade level or above reading content (even though the child does not read on grade level), and scaffolds the learning for the learner. At the end of the program, students will be reading at or above grade level. Dr. Alfred Tatum is the creator of the multidimensional reading strategies used in RRRI. 

Youth Initiated Literacy & Arts Program (YILA) - Upon the children completing the RRRI, U.S. Dream Academy and Dale Godboldo will arrange for professional authors and college students majoring in writing or the arts, to mentor the children in writing short e-books by young people, for young people. The e-books will be published widely on a website/application called Dreamville. These children will gain insights into the power of language, new skills in communication, and increased self-esteem. By utilizing these children (many with incarcerated parents) to tell their own stories, PN believes that other children will connect and be motivated to read more frequently in reacting to peer writings. Further, celebrity-based media adaptations of YILA stories will be produced to excite young people in learning, bridging visual media, reading, and creative writing in dynamic, purposeful ways. PVBLIC will provide media distribution nationally as donated ad space.

Wylie Initiative For The Study Of Entrepreneurship (WISE) - In partnership with Cherokee Gives Back and Arthur Wylie Foundation, Project NOW will launch an accredited 12-week entrepreneurship-learning curriculum. Upon graduation, students will have the tools to turn their ideas into a successful and sustainable business venture. Project NOW will provide scholarships to the students who complete the program, to assist them in their ongoing education.

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What We’re Doing

In addition to direct programs and outreach strategies, the Project:NOW initiative aspires to utilize and bring awareness to Social Impact Bonds to scale the success of existing at-risk youth non-profit programs that we target.

Impact bonds use public and private funding sources to expand programs that have demonstrated effectiveness at increasing test scores and high school/college graduation rates for students in inner-city communities. Its mission is to lead to greater equality of opportunities across the nation, as well as a reduction in public spending on incarceration.

Part of Project:NOW's awareness campaign includes the creation of large-scale events that bring Hollywood, government, and communities together for calls to action and commitment-based non-profit activation.

Taking Urgent Action To Educate Our Youth


Project:NOW is a non-profit initiative that stresses the urgency of NOW in executing innovative programs that leverage public and private partnerships, scholarships, mentorship, arts training, and media to increase literacy, college acceptance rates, and entrepreneurial pursuits in the underserved communities we target.


Project:NOW was launched by actor/producer Dale Godboldo  (The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story) and his Always In The Club Foundation at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Our first fundraiser, the Legacy Project Dinner, took place on the final day of CGI and featured President George W. Bush, who was also awarded the Legacy Award by the U.S. Dream Academy for his work to create a national platform for children of incarcerated parents through high quality mentoring programs during his administration. The evening was hosted by "The Good Wife's" Chris Noth. 

Taking Urgent Action to Educate Our Youth

​an initiative of the Always In The Club Foundation

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